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Fortunate Love

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$720.00 USD
Обычная цена
$980.00 USD
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$720.00 USD

The Fortunate Love necklace is a truly unique AuMaroGems creation that will bless you with the powerful energies of the miraculous gemstones it is carefully curated with. Luscious Brazilian Amazonites effortlessly harmonize with the soft pinkish hues of natural pink opals, sapphires, tourmalines and a rose quartz alignment Crystal. Amazonites are said to bring good fortune and lots of luck to their owner, hence the name being “fortunate” love. Amazonites help align the heart and throat chakra, allowing for a balanced flow of communication that comes directly from the heart. Pink sapphires promote devotion in relationship, pink opals enhance beauty to the eye of the beholder, rose quartz helps maximize your potential for self love & pink tourmalines increase the likelihood of marriage & fertility. 

the Fortunate Love necklace is handmade using the silk knot technique & carefully selected gemstones that give it its captivating graduated pattern of having larger gemstones in the center.
4-7 mm gemstones with a 2.5 inch rose quartz Crystal pendant

25 inches in length 

ships within 7 business days from purchase