Aumarogems exclusive Alchemy clasps, designed by Sona Baloyan and manufactured in our Downtown LA office, bring the divine manifesting powers of ancient Egyptian mystics to your jewelry. Engraved with Alchemical symbols & ritualistic phrases, our one of a kind creations will enhance your internal power as you set your intentions into our high vibrational creations, manifest, & flow.

so mote it be

The identifying phrase engraved in our Horseshoe charm. Meaning "So It Must Be". Is similar to the Aramaic word "ABRACADABRA", which most of us are familiar with, meaning "I create what I speak". So much significance existing in a single charm. Manifest your intention into our pieces, and experience the magical powers of the gemstones working in perfect harmony with this charm.

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    To wonder is to imagine, and to imagine is to create. The Wonderland collection was sparked by the imagination of a whimsical world full of gemstones, fantasy, and sparkle. No matter how age tries to define us, our inner child awakens to the thought of a whimsical wonderland


    A dreamlike state, a dream come true, a dreamy mood. The inspiration of my new collection came from a dream. Much like a dream, everything in wonderland has a meaning. From the colorful rainbow string, iridescent gemstones, charms & exclusive clasps. Symbolizing ones apparent desires of bliss.


    What is it really like in your mind? Does the whimsical world of fantasy still exist? The pieces from my Wonderland collection will reawaken the imagination that once guided our actions. Delicate colors adorned with playful handmade charms and strung with the intention to evoke a feeling of euphoria.

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