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"We Are Few, But We Are Called Armenian" Pendant

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$100.00 USD
Обычная цена
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$100.00 USD

"ՔԻՉ ԵՆՔ, ԲԱՅՑ ՀԱՅ ԵՆՔ" is an Armenian poem by the great Paruyr Sevak. The title's literal translation is "We're Few, But We're Armenian", however, what it's meant to allude is though we are few in quantity, we are grande in our being of Armenian. This saying has remained with me ever since my mother read the poem to me when I was very young. I revisited the poem on September 27, 2020 when the war on Artsakh had commenced, and every sentence of the poem still remained entirely significant. 

The pendant is made of 925 Sterling silver and plated in 18k Gold. It takes the shape of a Pomegranate, a fruit quite symbolic to the Armenian culture. Engraved in Black is the quote "ՔԻՉ ԵՆՔ, ԲԱՅՑ ՀԱՅ ԵՆՔ" and above the quote are 3 stones in the colors of the Armenian Flag. 

Engraved on the back of the pendant is the Armenian Eternity Symbol, or Arevakhach. The Arevakhach has been around for centuries and is meant to symbolize eternal, celestial life. I want to bring attention to the direction we have our eternity symbol spinning. Although many arguments have been made on which rotation is the accurate direction for the spin of the eternity symbol, from our hypothesis, and according to the engravings found centuries ago, the accurate rotation is as pictured on the backside of our pendant. Here is why: the center of the eternity symbol is supposed to represent the human being. This is a symbol that is used to portray the human being taking in the suns energy, instead of emitting it. Therefore, the symbol should represent a rotation pattern where it is seen as gaining energy from the Sun, instead of expelling that energy outside of themselves. 

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Gold Plating

Stones: Cubic Zirconia