Atlantis Knotted Bracelet

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Handmade with 100% authentic Larimar beads from the Dominican Republic. Using the knotted bead technique we bring to you a channel of communication with your guardian angels through our Larimar beads. Larimar is a treasured gemstone that can be found primarily in the Dominican Republic and some parts of Mongolia. The stone resembles the beautiful reflections of clear blue waters of the tropics. It is intended to balance the thyroid as it stimulates the throat chakra. Larimar carries a frequency that is very in tune with the human body, allowing it to truly synergize with us. It holds the ancient wisdom of Atlantis, the sunken city. Larimar is a great stone for dissipating stress, letting go of negative energies, and opening the flows of higher communication. Indulge yourself in the richness of Larimar. 

Photo: Middle Bracelet