Our Story

AUMARO is a fine jewelry brand founded by creative director and designer, Sona B. Sona's fascination with jewelry began at a young age, when she found a box of treasures that her late Grandfather, a jeweler himself, had left behind. Inside she found opals, rubies, pearls, handmade jewelry pieces, etc... and since then, she has dreamt of contributing her own designs to the jewelry industry. 

Our gems are meant to support you on your journey to creating and living your desired reality. How can a piece of jewelry do that? The secret, is in the power of your intention. Our brand intends to introduce the spiritual significance and hidden meanings of ancient symbols through wearable and trendy jewelry. 

All of our pieces are made of 925 Sterling Silver with Gold Plating. We guarantee that you will receive the quality you deserve without the guilt of spending a fortune.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with your presence! For years, I have visualized this moment, where I express my creativity and love with the world in the form of art. As a silent scholar of esoteric teachings; from Vedic Astrology, the Emerald Tablets, and the Secret Teachings by Manly P. Hall, I have attained valuable knowledge on the importance of our energetic frequencies and the absolute power that comes from the feeling of Love. To live, is to love, and for me, love has always been the answer. Finding that love within, which diminishes all the worry of our material world. I wanted to share this power with you all, through the creation of AuMaro.

AuMaro has many different meanings:

In Latin, Aurum means Gold, and that is how 'Au' became the chemical symbol for GOLD. According to ancient scriptures, Gold represents the power of the Sun and the Soul. It is also believed that Gold was created by the collision of neutron stars. 

The name Maro holds great significance to me. Maro is the name of my late Godmother who has inspired me in so many ways. She was the essence of femininity for me and embodied all the characteristics of love, beauty, kindness, and joy. She was my style guru and my fashion queen, the ultimate gold standard woman. Being married to a very generous jeweler, she always had the most fascinating jewelry to flaunt, and so she did, modestly. After her passing, I felt the urge to honor her in every step of my way. Thus, I created AuMaro, aka, Gold-Maro!

Doesn't hurt that AuMaro is a homonym for Amore which means Love in Italian. And I mean... who doesn't want to love in Italian ♥

All our products are made with 925 Sterling Silver with Gold plating and layered with tarnish resistant coatingassuring quality that lasts.  

I hope you love these creations just as much as I do. And if there is any way I can make your shopping experience more fulfilling, please feel free to contact me through the 'Contact Us' page. 

Love Always, 

Sona ♥