Our Story

Welcome to Aumarogems!

I created Aumarogems after the passing of my late Godmother who inspired me to pursue a career utilizing my creativity. For years I rejected the part of myself that made me who I am in this world, which is my artistic ability and love for designing symbolic jewelry. After half a decade of working in corporate finance, & a devestating loss in the family, I gained the courage to start my own jewelry line and share my creations with the world. My name is Sona Baloyan and I am the designer, creater, and all of the above for Aumarogems. I bring to you handmade AAA grade gemstone jewelry pieces with unique designs and several metaphysical properties. I study Vedic Astrology, Esoteric Philosophy, and Metaphysical Sciences. (side note. I am the person who will ask for your birth time), and through my studies I have gained knowledge regarding the occult meanings of certain esoteric symbols. Knowing the power of symbolism & intention setting, I created my Blessing Talisman collection, an ensemble of mystical talisman jewelry. These talismans are of high frequency, made of 925 Sterling Silver & 18K Gold, and once an intention is set from your higher self into these pieces, they will translate dramatically in your current reality. My love for Precious & Semi Precious gemstones is shown in my Healing Gems Collection. Using gems of the highest frequency & clarity, I create wearable jewelry pieces that carry a plethora of metaphysical properties known to enhance your experience and provide positive energy transfer between yourself, Mother Gaia, & the Universe. So if you have been looking for a way to get closer to your spirituality, or if youre looking for the missing piece to help carry your manifestations to actualization, then you've come to the right place. If you need help picking out a talisman or gemstone that will activate a specific part of your energy. Feel free to DM me on instagram: @aumarogems, or email me at aumarogems@gmail.com. Also read the short descriptions I provide for each jewelry piece on Aumarogems.com for more knowledge on my unique designs. I appreciate you so much for your support, trust & business. 

Love Always,

Sona B.