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Amethyst Sphere & Pearl Choker

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$120.00 USD
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$120.00 USD

materials used: Amethyst, Genuine pearls

length: 14” + 2” extension cable chain for adjustment

The Amethyst Sphere & Pearl Choker is made with beautiful fresh seawater pearls and a brilliant amethyst statement pendant. Amethyst's and pearl's are two stones that harmoniously complement one another. They each have several metaphysical qualities that can help enhance your energy. 

Amethyst: Opens the third eye, absorbs negative energies, brings a calming energy to the owner and even helps access higher consciousness through better meditation. Amethysts help block electromagnetic frequencies and “geopathic stress” that can foster negativity. This is said to occur when human-made objects disrupt the earth’s natural energy.

Peals: Pearls are associated with the moon, the number 2 and the divine feminine. Tarot card- Queen of Cups, the Empress, The High Priestess. Pearls assist in achieving a stronger connection to your divine feminine energy. They increase intuition and the sixth sense.